The Critical LTE Communications Forum is designed to examine the network solutions, applications and opportunities for enterprise and governments alike to transition to secure, hardened, reliable networks for voice and data within an LTE framework.

Installing a private broadband system is now possible with smart, deployable technology. Private mobile broadband networks that leverage 4G LTE technology are a key component in any information system designed to deliver the efficiency and effectiveness.  Dedicated broadband networks for agencies ensure that they can access high speed data when and where it is most needed, without compromise.

Whether it’s police, fire, EMS, or critical communications networks such as rail, transportation, utility, oil & gas — network managers need access to real-time information. Video, voice and data can be there instantly with LTE. Traditional LMR voice systems and silo networks no longer meet the needs of public safety agencies.


This timely business technology conference is designed for public safety, government and enterprise network professionals mapping the transition from voice-centric mobile communications to broadband data and video applications made possible by mission critical LTE network solutions.

Critical Infrastructure Segments

  • Enterprise IoT
  • Industrial M2M Networks
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Resources
  • Energy Transmission & Distribution
  • Rail & Transportation
Government Segments

  • Emergency Services
  • Local Government and State Agencies
  • Transit Agencies & Transportation
  • Remote Communities
  • Public safety mobile broadband

Solutions Vendors & Carriers:

You need to be at the Critical LTE Communications Forum if you are:

  • Targeting the Enterprise, Industrial and Public Safety markets to meet their needs for next generation interoperable digital networks
  • Delivering new applications and services – including real-time video, UV communications and data analytics – that add value and ROI to critical communications networks.
  • Expanding your product portfolio to meet the needs of FirstNet, local public safety agencies, enterprise customers and channel partners
  • Seeking improved industry visibility to attract OEMs, channel partners, media awareness and thought-leadership.

Critical Infrastructure Network Professionals:

Attend the Critical LTE Communications Forum to:

  • Hear case studies from the early pilot programs of Public Safety agencies implementing broadband wireless networks and services.
  • Map your enterprise’s successful transition from voice-only communications to mission-critical LTE systems without compromising network security and resilience
  • See demonstrations of LTE-enabled applications, services and analytics
  • Understand best practices in transitioning from LMR to LTE network topology and architecture
  • Determine your best route forward – including investment, partnerships and ROI – for migrating industrial and operating networks to critical LTE communications networks.